Patient Testimonial

Judith Kee, a mother from Lynnwood, Washington, is one of Brandy’s patients.

Kee already has lost 70 pounds eating a low-carb diet. She not only has taken off significant weight, but has gained more confidence than she’s felt in years.

Below are excepts of a Q&A about her journey.

Q. What brought you to Brandy?

A. I had a friend who had seen Brandy previously. She had been very successful and I was tired of trying and failing on my own. Honestly, I was tired of being fat.

Q. What caused the weight gain?

A. I used to be super active, and life got in the way. I had a series of events occur, which made me depressed and I stopped working on myself.

Q. How did the weight affect your life?

A. I was embarrassed. All of the people my boyfriend and I hung out with had super skinny wives or girlfriends. I was always the large one and I felt ashamed. My kids would tell me I was fat, which made me sad. I didn’t want to be out and about because I felt judged. I missed who I used to be. It affected my relationship with my partner Bruce, because I didn’t feel attractive anymore and questioned why he loved me.

Q. How was your transition to a low-carb diet? (i.e. hard, sustainable, easy?)

A. Fairly easy and very able to follow. I was nervous at first, then realized how simple it was.

Q. Do you enjoy what your eating and has it become a lifestyle for you?

A. I love what I eat. I think it will become a lifestyle. I still get nervous that I will revert back. But Brandy’s support helps me believe in myself.

Q. Do you ever feel deprived?

A. Never!

Q. How do you feel since you have lost weight? How has it affected your life? (i.e. different relationships, self-esteem?)

A. OMG! I feel amazing, I look amazing! My life is great, my family and friends, they all support and love the new me. I feel so much energy and desire to continue!

Q. How much weight have you lost?

A. 70lbs

Q. What continues to motivate you?

A. Brandy’s guidance, my family and friends, and my desire to continue feeling this great.

Q. Would you recommend Brandy to friends and family and, if so, what would you tell them about her?

A. I already have and will continue to do so. One friend sees Brandy and another is going to schedule to see her.

Q. Do you have any before photos? 

A: Hard to believe the one photo is from my work Christmas party and the other was a dinner we went to yesterday! Thank you so much for making my life better!

Q. How has the psychologist helped you change your relationship with food? Has this service helped you with any other aspects in your life?

A. It certainly helps to have additional support. I had worked with a therapist prior to seeing Brandy, which is one reason I finally took the step to see her.

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