For Fat’s Sake

We want to spur a dialogue that helps educate readers about fat and successful weight-loss management. This includes taking a critical look at why standard low-fat diet recommendations too often fail.

Come explore with us! There is much to be gained – a lot of weight to be lost. Your body will thank you for it.

Topics include:

  • Low Carb High Fat Diets (LCHF) and Ketogenic diets
  • Medications for weight management
  • Non-prescriptive supplements for weight loss
  • Maintaining weight loss
  • Self-monitoring tools
  • Practical skills for weight loss and maintenance
  • Appropriate goal weight: BMI vs Body Composition
  • Protein requirements for weight loss/muscle maintenance
  • Sleep habits and body weight
  • Eating out, events and travel
  • Eating disorders
  • Insulin resistance

Behavioral aspects of weight loss:

  • H.A.L.T.S understanding hunger and craving
  • Self-care first to be more effective
  • Boundaries
  • Mindful Eating
  • Give yourself credit, forgiving yourself
  • Controlling your environment
  • Rationalization and other self deceptions, self sabotage
  • Sugar addiction/alcohol and transference addiction
  • Mood disturbance and how that effects body weight
  • Plateaus
  • Practice, practice, practice: making new habits
  • Lapse, relapse and collapse

Blog Posts

  • A Corona Virus Hotspot - 'I take care of workers in Yakima County, a coronavirus hot spot: ‘The nearest hospital is a few miles away, but most refuse to use it’
  • Ep 51 Whats New? - Brandy Wiltermuth and Alexis Morales talk tech about the latest in bio hacking technology. The Qardio Scale, Oura Ring and Ketone breath meter - Biosense. How's your quarantine going? Are you wearing pants today?
  • 2 Week Challenge - Join Brandy and Alexis for a two week challenge. We will be posting our daily menu as well as some recipes along the way. We do our best with photos and will strive to make sure we capture as much as we can.
  • Keto Dinner - Join us in Edmonds at the 190 Sunset restaurant for a carefully curated, ketogenic dining experience! All of the food served will be low-carb and keto friendly. Unlike many dining experiences there will be no need to ask for substitutions, or wonder if the items are included in a ketogenic style of eating. Your dinner will include appetizers, choice of entrées, several side dishes, and dessert! Bring your questions and appetite! You will be invited to meet some of our very successful patients and hear their personal stories and experiences at Three Health. This is your opportunity to dine with other Keto enthusiasts. We look forward to spending the evening with you.
  • Bloody Bear Cocktail - Our friend Taylor, from Bears Breath, has graciously offered us his recipe for a delicious and low carb Bloody Mary. Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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