The Debate is Over! Sugar IS Bad.

This New York Times post about ways to cut sugar from our diets recently came across my desk. It has practical tips for weeding out the sweet stuff, but it also signals a broader cultural shift: According to the paper of record, the debate over sugar is dead. Eating tons of sugar is bad! AndContinue reading “The Debate is Over! Sugar IS Bad.”

Patient Testimonial

Judith Kee, a mother from Lynnwood, Washington, is one of Brandy’s patients. Kee already has lost 70 pounds eating a low-carb diet. She not only has taken off significant weight, but has gained more confidence than she’s felt in years. Below are excepts of a Q&A about her journey. Q. What brought you to Brandy?Continue reading “Patient Testimonial”

Let’s talk about FAT

Comedian George Carlin made waves in the ’70s with his “seven words you can never say on television.” Female hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa stoked controversy in the ’90s with their hit song, “Let’s talk about sex.” I am a healthcare provider, not an entertainer. But I do want to talk about another loaded “F word” –Continue reading “Let’s talk about FAT”