Ep 2: Sugar Addiction

Brandy and Alexis discuss sugar addiction with Bradley Butterfield, a psychotherapist at Three Health. They also talk about how environment affects weight and how behavioral change in necessary for long term success and better mental health.  As always, thank you for listening. You can email us at forfatssakepodcast@gmail.com Share your stories, questions or comments. FindContinue reading “Ep 2: Sugar Addiction”

Self-Care isn’t Selfish

Many years ago I heard a quote that has stuck with me: “You can’t pour from an empty cup.  Take care of yourself first.” I have no idea who said it, but it resonated with me.  We often see patients who take care of others first. Then, if there are time and energy, themselves. At Three Health, we believeContinue reading “Self-Care isn’t Selfish”

Summer Eating Strategies

How to eat at social summer events Summer is a great time of year for all sorts of casual and formal events, most of which can be stressful for individuals who are trying to lose weight.  It seems there is an endless smorgasbord of food at almost any social function.  Unlike the winter holidays, whereContinue reading “Summer Eating Strategies”