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Brandy and Alexis take a moment with Jim Howard on how the Biosense Ketone Breath Meter can used in a clinic setting. ThreeHealth is the first clinic to use as a Biosense in a medical setting to empower patients to take more control over their health. Tracking real data to ensure accurate biofeedback using sustainable lifestyle changes following a lowcarb, ketogenic diet.

Jim Howard is a 27-year MedTech executive focused on value creation with novel approaches to patient care. Jim came to Readout as CEO from his EIR position at venture capital firm, BioGenerator, an initial investor in Readout.

He is a co-founder and initial CEO of Washington University spinout SentiAR, the first AR platform for interventional procedures, currently in clinical trials. Jim led a team of 50 as VP of Sales in CareFusion’s respiratory business unit through the acquisition by Becton Dickinson in 2016. He is a board director at POC medical device company, MagBiosense, and is an active mentor to new CEO’s in the St. Louis healthcare ecosystem.

Jim is passionate about behavioral changes in chronic diseases, putting healthcare in the hands of patients. He has an MBA from University of Missouri-St.Louis and remains active in collaborations with Washington University researchers.

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