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Many years ago I heard a quote that has stuck with me: “You can’t pour from an empty cup.  Take care of yourself first.” I have no idea who said it, but it resonated with me. 

We often see patients who take care of others first. Then, if there are time and energy, themselves. At Three Health, we believe self-care is crucial to achieving and maintaining weight loss, and we are here to assist you in developing your own self-care plan.

To put it simply, we encourage our patients to treat themselves as kindly as they treat their friends and loved ones. Often, this is not as simple as it sounds. Self-care requires time-management skills, assertiveness, personal insights, and occasional relationship changes. Generally, this requires us to take a step back and assess if we are draining our personal “resources.”  At Three Health, we are excited to help our patients learn to replenish their energy and balance their lives. 

We also find that people are inclined to replenish their reserves by using unhealthy coping strategies such as over-eating, misusing alcohol, participating in risk-taking behaviors, or other self-destructive techniques to manage challenging emotions.  However, these strategies only bring temporary relief and a damaging cycle begins.

Many of life’s stressors are created or exacerbated when we are not focused on self-care and balance. Stress can come in one or more “areas of life,” meaning we can create stress in our lives by not balancing our PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, INTELLECTUAL, SPIRITUAL, AND FINANCIAL needs. We all know people who take care of themselves physically but pay no attention to their emotional needs. Others may have great financial resources but are in terrible physical shape. Ignoring any of these areas will create an imbalance, which in turn, creates stress.  

At Three Health, we focus on the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Let us help you to create your best life! You deserve it!  

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By Marlene Sexton, LMFT 

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