Ep 41 Challenge Accepted

Brandy and Alexis talk about their own challenges during the holiday season, their fitness challenge that has taken a back seat lately, and an unexpected challenge patients face. We also dive into “IT Chapter One” for you guys in our segment “Killers, Cannibals and Psychos”.

Ep 30 Interview with Dr. Joan Ifland – Food Addiction

This week Brandy and Alexis spend time with Dr. Joan Ifland and discuss processed food addiction. When one chip isn’t enough should we stop and ask why we can’t ‘just have one’?

My struggle with body image

By Marlene Sexton, LMFT Date: January 2nd 2019 Welcome to my blog. I am a psychotherapist and partner at Three Health Medical Weight Loss Solutions, and I want to share with our current and future patients more about my own trials with weight and body image. My hope is that you will understand you areContinue reading “My struggle with body image”

Ep 2: Sugar Addiction

Brandy and Alexis discuss sugar addiction with Bradley Butterfield, a psychotherapist at Three Health. They also talk about how environment affects weight and how behavioral change in necessary for long term success and better mental health.  As always, thank you for listening. You can email us at forfatssakepodcast@gmail.com Share your stories, questions or comments. FindContinue reading “Ep 2: Sugar Addiction”

Don’t go for the dope.

Why you should skip the chips and go for a walk instead Dr. Robert Lustig, a whole foods advocate, put together the below graphic to show why your occasional (seemingly harmless) junk-food fix is really so addictive. That little piece of cake? Well, it basically plays out like crack on the brain. Junk food sparksContinue reading “Don’t go for the dope.”