EP 65 Taking care of business

We got more than one surprise in store for ya’ll! Starting with a new plan to take over the world, just kidding. But we do want to reach more people and help them on their journey to better health. PLUS two special guests have joined our podcast, keep a look out for those episodes airing this month.

Ep 61 I’ll get you sooner or later

It’s about how you handle mistakes that show your true strength. Nobody is perfect and we will sing that till the end of time. Stop holding yourself to an impossible standard. Choose success but know that it wouldn’t hold its weight unless you had to work to get there. (pun intended)

EP 59 Screw it, I already blew it.

This week Brandy and Alexis are working through the common pig squeals from Glenn Livingston’s ‘I love my workbook’. How many times have you “messed up” and then gave up? Well, no one’s perfect and yet we continue to hold ourselves to an impossible standard so what can you do about it?

EP 58 Don’t Feed Herman

Brandy and Alexis are excited to share a new book, well, not new but definitely worth reading. Glenn Livingston Ph.D. has written several books but we start with “Never Binge Again”. Let me tell you guys, this guy knows what he is taking about.