Ep 51 Whats New?

Brandy Wiltermuth and Alexis Morales talk tech about the latest in bio hacking technology. The Qardio Scale, Oura Ring and Ketone breath meter – Biosense. How’s your quarantine going? Are you wearing pants today?

Ep 41 Challenge Accepted

Brandy and Alexis talk about their own challenges during the holiday season, their fitness challenge that has taken a back seat lately, and an unexpected challenge patients face. We also dive into “IT Chapter One” for you guys in our segment “Killers, Cannibals and Psychos”.

Ep 38 What are we doing again?

Brandy and Alexis discuss their eating behaviors. “I eat bacon and eggs literally everyday”. Featuring this weeks movie review of “JOKER”

Ep 35 Brian Sanders – Food Lies

Brandy and Alexis spend time with Brian Sanders the host of Peak Human, a podcast you should definitely be listening to. We discuss his upcoming film ‘Food Lies’. “It’s the sordid history of our dietary guidelines, the epidemic of chronic disease and obesity that followed, what the new science is telling us humans should actually be eating, and how to eat that food sustainably.”

Minisode 7 Jason’s Story

Brandy and Alexis interview patient Jason who has lost 29lbs in the last 3 months while working with Three health. Focusing on a low carb diet and getting adequate exercise Jason shares his success. Jason also reveals his past struggles and what his current goals are today!