EP 54 Dr. Tro Kalayjian

After a DM on twitter we have the privilege to speak with our Low Carb twin in New York, Dr. Tro Kalayjian.Discussing everything from accountability to cheat meals, hear from the experts on the battleground in the war against obesity.

Ep 51 Whats New?

Brandy Wiltermuth and Alexis Morales talk tech about the latest in bio hacking technology. The Qardio Scale, Oura Ring and Ketone breath meter – Biosense. How’s your quarantine going? Are you wearing pants today?

Ep 40 The Eating Season

Brandy and Alexis reveal exciting new announcements. In the spirit of the season we touch on holiday eating and what our strategies are when it comes to the dessert table. Is the original “It” movie that bad?

Minisode 7 Jason’s Story

Brandy and Alexis interview patient Jason who has lost 29lbs in the last 3 months while working with Three health. Focusing on a low carb diet and getting adequate exercise Jason shares his success. Jason also reveals his past struggles and what his current goals are today!

Ep 30 Interview with Dr. Joan Ifland – Food Addiction

This week Brandy and Alexis spend time with Dr. Joan Ifland and discuss processed food addiction. When one chip isn’t enough should we stop and ask why we can’t ‘just have one’?

Ep 29 Success Stories

Our challenge is finished but we remain focused on better nutrition. To Kee our motivation we highlight a few of the successes from our patients and explain again why success is not only measured on the scale!