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Ep 39 Keto Carole Chat

Brandy and Marlene sit down with Carole Freeman, a local nutritionist specializing in Keto.
Carole discovered a ketogenic diet when searching for a way to heal her brain and chronic pain after a car accident, and along the way, she completely transformed her body from the inside out (losing nearly 60 pounds long the way!).
Now she is helping others transform their bodies and minds.

You can find more information about Keto Carole here…

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Ep 4: Losing more than weight – Judi’s Story

Brandy and Alexis talk with a patient who found success on a Ketogenic diet. Brandy was able to turn a true skeptic who had struggled to keep weight off. Judi tells us how weight loss affected her life in more ways than just on the scale. 

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