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EAT Lancet Commission Summary Report

This report details a suggested “diet rich in plant-based foods and with fewer animal source foods confers both improved health and environmental benefits.”
But listen to Ep 22 for our breakdown of its contents and what it means for people who eat low carb, ketogenic or animal protein based diets.

If you’re interested to learn about Walter Willett’s severe personal conflicts of interests CLICK HERE.

These interests cast doubt on his ability to bring an unbiased viewpoint to the question of whether vegan/vegetarian diet is preferable for good health.

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Low Carb Foods

We get asked all the time, “what can I eat”. With so much information out there about what you should and shouldn’t eat we put together a helpful and visual guide on safe low carb and Ketogenic foods. Feel free to download our PDF, print it out and stick it to your fridge. We often recommend patients use it as their grocery list so they get the items they need without worrying about picking up things ‘not on the list’.

Visual Guide

This quick visual guide can help you see the difference between foods and their carbohydrate content.