My struggle with body image – Part 3

By Marlene Sexton LMFT Date: January 16th, 2019 My last blog left off with a promise to describe how I learned to value myself and change my life. But first, I must explain how the subconscious can help you achieve your goals or keep you from them.  As a cognitive-behavioral therapist, I work on theContinue reading “My struggle with body image – Part 3”

My struggle with body image – Part 2

by Marlene Sexton LMFT Date: January 11th, 2019 In my previous blog, I discussed the dynamics that lead to my “very diminished,” aka non-existent self-esteem and body image. Writing that blog was difficult because it meant going back to a time 45 years ago that was confusing and painful for me. You see, I haveContinue reading “My struggle with body image – Part 2”

My struggle with body image

By Marlene Sexton, LMFT Date: January 2nd 2019 Welcome to my blog. I am a psychotherapist and partner at Three Health Medical Weight Loss Solutions, and I want to share with our current and future patients more about my own trials with weight and body image. My hope is that you will understand you areContinue reading “My struggle with body image”

Ep 5: Body Image Pt. 2

This week on FFS, Alexis and Brandy bring Marlene back to discuss body image and how her own body image has changed throughout her life and career in relation to her weight. It is important to discuss why we view ourselves the way we do and learn how to treat ourselves better. As always, thankContinue reading “Ep 5: Body Image Pt. 2”

Minisode 1: Turn the ambulance around

Brandy and Alexis read listener emails and answer questions about body shaming, blood sugar and boundaries. Brandy talks her way out the ambulance. As always, thank you for listening. You can email us at forfatssakepodcast@gmail.comShare your stories, questions or comments. Find us on social media… Twitter @ffspodcast_Instagram @forfatssakepodcastFacebook