EP 78 Dr. Rob Landerholm

Dr. Landerholm joins the ThreeHealth team for a conversation about Weight Loss Surgery and the incredible success patients have when surgical intervention meets medical and behavioral.

EP 76 Dr. Brian Sung Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Brian Sung, FACS, FASMBS, brilliant Bariatric surgeon answers questions on weight loss surgery. Shares the newest innovations in treatment for excess body fat and the best options available to you in 2022!

If you’re interested in seeing Dr. Sung for a consult, find out more about his practice or just want to explore other options Dr. Sung and his team have to offer:

Ep 14 – Keto Myths and The Red Dragon

Brandy and Alexis break down Keto myths and give you the facts. With the help of Nina Teicholz, they go down the list and provide evidence disproving these myths with real science. The prequel to Silence of the Lambs – The Red Dragon is reviewed and is by far the best in the series soContinue reading “Ep 14 – Keto Myths and The Red Dragon”